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Our granola base is made with a balanced mixture of locally sourced spent grain, rolled oats, local raw honey, dark brown sugar, all-natural vanilla, and a pinch of local sea salt. As a great source of protein and fiber, our unique recipe works well for the person who loves to start their day with a balanced breakfast, an avid outdoorsman, and even people that are looking for a tasty way to get extra fiber into their daily diet. 

8oz bags

Your Spicy Mistress: Pecans and dried ginger with accents of black pepper and a bite of cayenne pepper. This is especially perfect for the beer lover in your life. The granola starts off mildly sweet and then hits you with a nice kick to the caboose which only makes you drink more beer. You’ll tell people it’s because you’re a manly man that can handle your spicy mistress, but we all know it’s to kill her sting.

Check Out My Coconuts: This granola has silky smooth milk chocolate that coats shredded coconut that will transport you to a faraway island – relax into a tranquil paradise where all your troubles melt away.

You Gotta Be Craisin Me: Some like it dark and tart. This granola melds the two with a mixture of decadently dark chocolate and tart dried cranberries. Created for the more sophisticated and refined palate, we’ve also increased the natural vanilla that will enhance the layers found in the dark chocolate.

Are You Apri-Coming On To Me: This one is for the purist in the granola world. We take our base granola and add dried apricots and roasted cashews, that’s it! Get your fiber game on with a touch of sweet and salty, keep it real.

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