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Brew Dog: Mellow Peanut Butter

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Do you have a senior pup who doesn’t do well with hard treats? We offer our Mellow Peanut Butter as an alternative to our treats. This way you can get your pup their dose of CBD as they need it without having to break up or soak our treats for them. We use all-natural peanut butter (its literally just roasted peanuts ground down) and then infused it with 99.98% pure CBD. CBD helps dogs, just like with humans, to deal with pain, stress and anxiety.

How should I use this with MY pup?

Suggested dosing is based on weight and it’s recommended 1-2mg/10lbs (you can double and triple dose for high stress situations if needed). The serving size is one teaspoon containing 15mg of CBD. There are 51 servings for a total of 765mg of pure CBD in each jar.

Recommended Servings (1-3x/day)

8lbs-20lbs: ½ - 1

24lbs-35lbs: 1 - 2

35lbs-55lbs: 2 - 3

55lbs-85lbs: 2½ - 4

85lbs-100lbs: 3 - 5

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