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The Story Begins Here

In 2011, after about a year of dating, Marley set out on a road trip with Garrett to visit his brother, Justin, in South Lake Tahoe, CA for the holidays. On that fateful trip, the boys decided to brew a beer together. Barely knowing Justin and knowing even less of brewing, Marley decided to sit on the side and watch – until, that is, the boys pulled the bag of spent grain out and the gears started turning.

What happens if you could create a company around taking a product that is often times thrown away or fed to livestock? Cutdown on waste and bring a product to the community that was still useable and offer benefits to a person and their pets? Well, that’s what we set out to do and did in 2015! To complement our bakery, we expanded to having a small, organic farm where we get farm fresh eggs every day for the bakery. Our girls free range every day and eat a healthy, balanced, organic diet because we like to know what’s going into our chickens so we know what’s coming out in our eggs. We were found at local farmers markets, including the famous – Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle.

But guess what? That wasn’t enough for us, so we set to work find and building out a brick-and-mortar shop for our bakery and complementing it with a craft beer taproom for our community. To this day, you can still stop by and often times find Marley behind the bar helping customers find the perfect craft beer for them, all while dreaming up new and fun bakery items.

Our values are the same as the day we were founded – be sustainable, support/promote other local businesses and create a community center that is welcoming to all.

Meet Marley 

Marley was born and raised in Hawai’i. From a very young age she spent most holidays in the kitchen learning to cook from her father, but secretly yearning to learn more about baking. Once old enough (really, just tall enough to reach the top cabinets), she started experimenting with different recipes she would find in her mom’s recipe books and she knew she was hooked. Always enjoying science, baking was a way to marry the awesomeness of science with creating treats she enjoyed so much. To this day, you’ll find her in the bakery playing with different recipes and ideas, still failing, but still learning and happy to do so!


Meet Garrett

Garrett has always been a lover of craft beer and elated when is girlfriend of a year finally showed some interest in the pastime in 2011. He wasn’t expecting it to grow into this, but is sure happy it did! He’s a mechanical engineer by trade and makes his living as a senior project manager for a construction company, but his most coveted roll is “Charlie” at the taproom. You can stroll into the taproom and if something needs fixing, chances are you’ll hear people yell “Charlie work!” an ode to one of his favorite shows – Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


Meet The Rall Pack

This page wouldn’t be complete without letting you know who really runs the shop: The Rall Pack. Formally founded in 2010 when Pudge (belonging to Garrett and Marley) met Baker and Brody (belonging to Justin). From the moment they met, the were inseparable. Since then, we have welcomed Barley, Layla and Zephyr. Though we have lost some of our founding members, they live on every day on our packaging and values of our company. It has always been about being a community like our little pack and taking care of each other - yes, there will be disagreements, but at the end of the day, it’s about respecting each other and getting along.

Our commitment to the community

We work very closely with local breweries to bring the best craft beer to our taproom and with local farmers to bring the best and freshest ingredients to our bakery products.

Pet, Kid & Human Friendly

We welcome everyone,
just be a good human, that’s all we ask! But yes, our taproom is kid and dog friendly (indoors and out)

Shipping & Curbside Pickup

Please remember, we
ship our baked goods, but we don’t ship beer.