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Ready to hand your tastebuds over to our (somewhat) trusty bartenders? We’ll put together a four pack of some of our personal favorites in the cooler. You just let us know why style you want and we’ll get that all taken care of and ready for you!

IPAs: pales, hazy, northwest, new England, doubles, fruited, etc.

Light: pilsners, vienna lagers, rice lagers, hefeweizens, blondes, etc.

Dark: porters, stouts, browns, barley wines, etc.

Ciders: cider, seltzers, meads, ginger beer, etc.

If you have any allergies or preferences for substyles (NW IPAs, hazy, dry cider, etc) please let us know in the comments section, we cannot promise we’ll be able to give you 100% of your substyle preferences, but we will for sure make sure to steer clear of any allergens.

Once you put your order in, please give us 20-30 minutes to get your order done and ready for you and out on our to-go table. You can text us at (808)753-2063 for status updates.

Our commitment to the community

We work very closely with local breweries to bring the best craft beer to our taproom and with local farmers to bring the best and freshest ingredients to our bakery products.

Pet, Kid & Human Friendly

We welcome everyone,
just be a good human, that’s all we ask! But yes, our taproom is kid and dog friendly (indoors and out)

Shipping & Curbside Pickup

Please remember, we
ship our baked goods, but we don’t ship beer.